Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love a good costume.

LP presents the 5th Annual Black Magic Halloween Ball

 as always, you can expect:

  •  finger foods & light bites
  • $1 beers all night 
  • shocktail hour(s) - pudding shots, jell-o shots, and other various shots will be served throughout the evening!!!
  • fortune telling & palm reading
  • costume contest - dress to impress! There is no costume theme this year, so come as anything you'd like!!!
  • raffle - including 15+ prizes!!!
  • door prize - all you have to do is buy a ticket and be there! It's like getting 200 pts on your SAT just for writing your name!!!
  • wicked entertainment 

  1. Best Makeup/Special FX - you're gonna win this if your makeup is so good, i can't even tell who you really are. past winners; the Wolf Man and Chuck Noland from Cast Away.
  2. Best Costume Design - every detail is meticulously thought out. you definitely didn't half-ass your costume. it was well-executed with excellent attention to detail in every aspect. go all out. past winner; William Wallace from Braveheart.
  3. Best Duo -or- Group - some greats have won this prize in past years; Ursula and King Triton, Max & Carol, the Addams Family. those are big shoes to fill. grab a partner, grab a friend, and force them to go as that fifth Spice Girl, the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Taylor Swift to your Kanye West... (and in case you're dressed as Kanye and you don't win, then you can grab the mic and claim you had the best costume of all time, of ALL TIME.)
  4. Best D.I.Y. - the person who wins this award is bursting with creativity. they're the kind of person that takes an idea and runs with it; but not to the prop shop to pick up their gear; they're making their costume from scratch. get crafty. *NEW CATEGORY*
  5. Scared Shitless Award - one of my absolute favorite scariest costumes was Hannibal Lecter back in 2007. dude got wheeled in, had the face mask, the slippers, the straight-jacket; the persona. take risks. scare the shit outta people.
  6. L.O.L. Award - past winners have included Alan from The Hangover; with a real Baby Bjorn and all.
  7. People's Choice - who was your ultimate favorite all night? this award goes to the person who embodied their costume. 
What are you gonna be?

It's that time of year again! There are officially 39 days until the annual HALLOWEEN PARTY hosted by Laurina Pastina Clothing Company. I'm super excited about the event this year, even more so than in the past. 2011 marks the 5th ANNIVERSARY since I started this whole idea; that includes the company itself and this party. 

I love Halloween. I always have. There's something really magical about the one night of the year where you can be anyone or anything you want and create a whole persona based off of this character. You get to go to a store and try on costumes or make your own from found things at home, completely from scratch. I'm a mix of the two. It's like mixing high-end and low-end pieces in fashion and creating your very own look. Every costume I've ever made has some store-bought accouterments that really can't be made by hand, like a wig or face paint; but everything else is completely original. I hate it when I see parents buying their kids crappy, ill-fitting costumes at a Halloween Warehouse the week before Halloween, spending a fortune on a costume that probably doesn't honestly fit the true spirit of their child. It makes me so sad. My parents rocked. I say that in the past tense which is completely unfair because they still kick ass.

My mom would pretty much let us be whatever we wanted, and she'd make our costumes for us. My dad usually did the makeup and the special effects. They're both super-talented and creative. I love that I've got their crafty genes. It's in my blood and I love capitalizing on it each year. As soon as the air starts to feel a little crisp and the leaves are a little crunchy under my feet, I've already begun to dream up five or six costumes. This year is definitely no exception.

Creating my clothing line and celebrating it each year with a Halloween event is something that made complete sense to me. I think I've always subconsciously wanted to be a costume designer. The makeup, the special effects, the research and the history that goes into creating a story line for a character's wardrobe is beyond fascinating to me. I want that spirit to be felt each year at the event. That's why I have a COSTUME CONTEST. It's gotten pretty intense over the past couple years and I love that. I'm inspired by the competition and the thought that goes into each person's choice; how they decide what to be and how to interpret it. There are people who have come to these events and see how intense the costumes are and they realize they're gonna have to step their game up in the future. Everybody wants to win.

I wanna see some variety, some creativity, something unique, something I've NEVER seen before. Surprise me. Even though I'm not an official judge (that's YOUR job)... I'm still critiquing every category. I wanna look back and be like, "that was an amazing costume". Show me what you've got this year!

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